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This page is set aside to report on any activities / articles / news that residents want to share. 

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Take the bus and leave the driving to Santa Cruz Metro!

Bus Service Discount! As seniors, one thing we like to hear is DISCOUNT! Did you know Santa Cruz Metro offers a discount for cash paying seniors to ride the bus? It cost $2.00 for a round trip visit into town with a valid ID. You must be 62 years or older. Exact change is required since bus drivers do not carry change.  Website is:                                                                                                       

             Here is a list of valid ID choices:

  • METRO Paracruz ID Card

  • A Discount Photo ID Card/Paratransit ID Card issued by another transit agency

  • A Senior Citizen ID Card

  • Identification that displays date of birth (e.g. passports & birth certificates)

  • Current State Driver's License, or current State ID Card


Household Battery Recycling Centers

Did you know it's against the law to throw your household batteries in the trash? This includes batteries for hearing aids. Take your used batteries to one of the areas below for safe disposal. Here are the places to go:
London Nelson Community Center:   301 Center St.
Santa Cruz Public Works Dept:  809 Center St. # 201  Hours: 7-12           after 12 pm they can be disposed in a receptacle in the parking lot where City vehicles are parked. It is labeled Battery Drop off. You will see it when facing Locust Street
Household Hazard Waste Center:  
605 Dimeo Ln

Something to Consider

Balloons do not go to heaven. They land in the ocean and choke sea turtles, kill dolphins and whales, and the ribbons entangle birds. Many times, they end up on a beach as litter. Even the ones marked "biodegradable" can hurt animals before they have a chance to break down. Animals far from the ocean, such as horses, have been hurt and killed by balloons (they eat them when they land in their hay or they get spooked and bolt). Some balloons have started fires when they got entangled in power lines.

Sky lanterns have set homes, power lines, trees, and buildings on fire. Sky lanterns can also entangle an animal even if it is marketed as "biodegradable." There are many safe alternatives to releasing litter into the air, such as planting a tree for your loved one and watching it bloom, or blowing bubbles into the air.


While there are many environmental problems facing our planet, this is a very simple one to solve.

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