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Complaint Process

Complaints, Concerns and Service Requests from De Anza residents;

First, contact management with your concern. If there is not a resolution to your satisfaction, then send an email to the HOA Board. They can then present a summary at every HOA Community Board Meeting so everyone will be aware of ongoing and/or persistent problems. This data will also be used to help us accelerate continual problems to a higher level.

The Process for all complaints of any nature is to email Jennifer Mattos, the ELS Community Manager, with a “Cc” (COPY ONLY) to The HOA Board at or



Email to Jennifer: Santa Cruz Property De Anza

Cc to


The HOA is NOT responsible for Responses or Actions to any of the complaints.

Complaints will be communicated to the De Anza Management. We believe this will help us improve our community as well as our quality of life.

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