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Dues -- Who, How & When!

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Dues can be paid to the HOA Treasurer, Jerry Zanzinger, Spc 70. If paying by check, you can leave it under his mat or in his box at the Clubhouse or at HOA meetings. DO NOT LEAVE IN THE MAILBOX!

     It sometimes seems like every time we turn around something is due!

          Below is a short explanation of how the HOA works for you.

De Anza Home Owners Association (HOA)


What is it?

The HOA is a group of volunteer residents who represent the community to park management. They address and help to resolve issues and concerns within the park.

What are the annual dues?

The current dues are $10.00 per year, per household. 

Dues are required to be paid to participate in important votes and to be notified for special meetings.

How are your dues used?

  • Website support

  • Robo-calls

  • GSMOL expenses to attend annual GSMOL conference

  • Support a legal fund

  • Supplies

When and who should I pay?

HOA fiscal year is January 1 through December 31 so you should pay at the January HOA meeting.  Dues need to be paid before the annual election in order to be a voting member. You can contact the HOA Treasurer for further information. 

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