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Barbara Cordes along with Andy Kreyche and Jeff Perry gave a great presentation about light pollution and how it affects our environment.

Here is a link to a video explaining how light pollution affects our lives.

Go to for more information

Here are some types to reduce the lighting pollution problem:

  1. Use fully shielded lights for outdoor lighting

  2. Only use lights when and where needed (use timers and dimmer switches)

  3. Motion sensors are effective for security lighting

  4. Use the right amount of light because too much impairs vision

  5. Use lights with long wavelength that have a red or yellow tint to decrease health effects

  6. Good lighting decreases glare

Some effects of artificial lighting on wildlife:

  1. Hunting disrupts natural prey and predator behavior

  2. Reproduction, nourishment and sleep are affected

  3. Bird migration and insect behavior is also affected


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