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  • An email was sent out by management regarding pet rules.           Please refer to the rules and regulations regarding pets. This        includes cats.

  • There have been complaints about dogs barking               continuously or being left unattended and barking outside (but confined to homesite). Dogs must be supervised and under the owner's control at all times. Cats must be indoor cats and not      left to roam the park.  These rules are in place to protect your pets and others.                                                                       Please respect your neighbor's right to quiet enjoyment.


  • Honor residents request to keep pets out of yards where signs  are posted.

  • Keep dogs on leash and in your control at all times. Please do not get distracted and cause an incident for others.                                             

  • Do not allow your pet to jump on people, it may cause an injury.    

  • If you smoke either cigarettes or marijuana, make sure you DO NOT THROW THE BUTTS ON THE GROUND! They are poisonous to pets. There have been instances where residents had to take their pets to the Veterinarian for emergency services.

                      ALWAYS PICK UP YOUR PET'S WASTE AND                                                       DISPOSE IN THE TRASH CANS LOCATED            AROUND THE PARK !

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