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Margaret Gannon, Park Concerns Directorwill be providing updates on issues discussed at the HOA meetings or other items of concern. If you have requested for your situation to not be discussed, it will not be shared with the community. Your privacy will be protected.
Park Concerns Update:

 1. Big Bridge and Retaining Wall (space 71, 72, 73, 74) Project
   Permits for project are with HCD and there is no start date as of now

 2.  Solar Panel Project going at office, laundry room and RV/Maintenance area
      Project still in permit process

 3. Gazebo Remodeling Project
     Remodel has no start date and will include ADA access
     Jennifer Mattos will update residents in weekly updates

 4.  21 driveways are scheduled to be replaced

 5.  RV/Maintenance area paving and fence replacement will be done at the same          time Solar Panels are installed

 6.  Relocating Sewer Lift Station


 7. Oversized Vehicle Ordinance (OVO): Expanded for 2 years 


 8. New pool signage and front entrance signage into De Anza


Over night street parking: Residents and guests are NOT allowed to park overnight on the streets!



This is an email from Westside Neighbors sent May 10, 2024: 

Thanks to your help, the appeal of the OVO was denied by the Coastal Commission on May 9, 2024, by a vote of 8-1. A special thank you to the DeAnza Mobile Home Park Community for sending in many emails in support of the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance, and to all our members who sent in an email. The Coastal Commission staff described our email as "voluminous", and in total we have generated well over 1,000 emails in support of the OVO.


Even though this was a definite victory, the fact is that because of the actions of one Coastal Commissioner, Justin Cummings, who argued against the city's permit for 25 minutes, the outcome was not as good as we had hoped. He moved that the city's requested 5-year permit be limited to only a 2-year permit. Commissioner Cummings contradicted his previous statements saying his concern is "not about the homeless" but about "the summer visitors", who he apparently thinks should be able to park anywhere they want for free overnight. His questions made it appear that he did not read the staff report or our emails at all. Please don't forget this come election time, since Mr. Cummings is also "our" representative on the SC County Board of Supervisors, but his actions show that he does not represent our voice. Anyone wanting to write to Cummings can do so at this email address:


Instead of the desired 5-year permit extension, the City will now be required to appear again before the Coastal Commission in 15 months and then again in two years to review the permit. We appreciate the hard work of Lee Butler and Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson, who presented to the Coastal Commission on the City's behalf, and also express our thanks to Renee Golder and Sonja Brunner, who have also worked hard to stand up this program. We know the City's program is working not only to address neighborhood concerns, but to improve the lives of people living in their RVs by providing safe spaces to park with sanitation and social services.




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